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Comprehensive Account Services

Miami Aerial is available to assist in the successful completion of your project.  We offer:

    • Consulting
    • Planning and preparation
    • Execution
    • Post-production

We offer collaborative creative service for photographers, advertising agencies and internet agencies.  Collaberations

You want to have a strategic partner next to you who can cover your post production

Of course the best images start with a great photograph. But when you’re dealing with aerial photography, it isn’t always possible to control all variables. There our knowledge of graphic design comes in to play, our designer can customize your photos to exact specifications.

ConsultingConsulting is the nuts and bolts of a successfull production

Whether for marketing, advertising, or promotion -  for business, a charitable organization, or the private sector, we will help determine which of our services is right for your vision.  Miami Aerial is available to consult, advise and help plan your project.  We can ensure its the successful execution and completion, even if you have a tight deadline.  Give us a call or shoot us an email.

Planning and preparationYou need to tell us your vision

Miami Aerial personnel will meet with your staff to design and organize the perfect shoot day.  We will arrive on time at the location and working with you, we will create beautiful and informative still or motion aerial photographic images.

ExecutionCamera Up and Action !

With our camera-equipped aerial robot we make aerial photographs and aerial films. We invite you to be there -  live.  Be your own director and watch the action via video monitor and glasses.  We are happy to consider your needs and spontaneous ideas (if they are technically feasible.) Then we can view the aerial photographs in a gallery we create from the images we've captured.

Aerial Photo Post-productionMake a big difference in Your content strategy with Aerials

On request we can take over your complete post-production. All aerial photographs are given a professional touch with modern software solutions.  Air panoramas are assembled and optimized to get the ultimate impression. We edit and add sound for your air slide show.  Or we can print your images on canvas or any custom material to create unique framed pictures for your lobby.  And we can integrate aerial photographs, picture galleries and aerial panoramas  and videos to your web pages.

Aerial Video Post ProductionMaking a TV show, a film or commercial?

If you'd like we can handle your whole aerial video post-production. Miami Aerial uses up-to-date software for that professional finishing touch. We have the tools and staff to edit and add sound to your aerial imagery.

Website Integration & DevelopmentEasy integration into your website with a CMS

We not only edit photos and videos, we also have 10 years of experience in site development for small and enterprise-sized businesses. If you need an update for your web site please contact us directly.  We offer a free estimate.  We have worked with all types of CMS development.