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Hagen’s childhood was spent between participating in competitive sports, building and flying model aircraft, and electronics. Growing-up in East-Germany there was always
great demand for scarce building material and remote-control electronics so Hagen built his own planes and electronics from scratch with great success. He still remembers
when he got his first commercially manufactured RC controller but it was no better than the ones he had build by himself!

Hagen Rottke Miamiaerial

He obtained a master degree in engineering in 1999. He was influenced by the upcoming internet and decided to pursue web design optimization. During his university studies, he followed another childhood dream and earned his private pilot license.
Later in life, Hagen crossed over again into the remote-controlled world as he discovered the new technology in electronics that had became available. His goal became to build big planes, as light as possible, and to get the most incredible flight maneuvers, which became possible with brush-less motors and lithium polymer batteries.

Hagen found a German website with a flying platform using 4 or more propellers. He was intrigued, but the real impact was made a few months later when he saw an aerial video made with a UAS and that really gave him the bug. He spent long hours finding the set-up and tools needed to shoot photos and video.
In 2012 he created a few aerial videos with his UAS which made an impact on the community. As the result, Hagen and Paul Morris founded Miami Aerial, LLC in 2013 in order to provide clients with images from new angles and locations that are impossible to get with a large helicopter.

Flying in the “directive visual loop” with a “heads-up” display, that gives both through-the-lens as well as direct visual contact, requires intuitive awareness that comes from many years of flight training, practice, and hands on experience.

With years of piloting, design, build, and maintenance of aerial systems, he sets the bar and keeps the Miami Aerial fleet flying with an outstanding degree of precision, safety, and reliability.

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Paul Morris