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UAV RISK Mitigation

By considering all of these factors, risk can be reduced to something that would be deemed manageable.


It has been shown that UAVs are increasingly starting to be used within cities, and this is only likely to increase through the approval of numerous Class B waiver, nightflight or waiver for flying over people. Through the mechanism of FAA waivers, operators are now able to take-off and land in areas they were previously unable to, and fly low enough to capture high resolution data. Obtaining this waiver however is not an easy feat and a high level of knowledge and operational understanding must be shown for a company to qualify.

With the development of regulation governing over flight of people and property, large parts of our cities are now able to be inspected and surveyed remotely using UAVs. The impetus has been placed on operators not to recklessly endanger people or property and there is even greater pressure on the pilot to be sure that a flight can be made safely

By moving UAV operations from the countryside into the cities, a whole new range of risks have been introduced to operations. Using the 3 P philosophy, it is possible for these risks to be reduced to acceptable levels. It is now the responsibility of the industry to do this in a professional manner so that the future of our industry is protected.

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