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The Drone ‘Bubble’ - How to survive in a competitive market

The latest number of FAA certified pilots for commercial purposes currently stands at almost 40.000 with an estimated 1000 new pilots per month adding to the list.

To meet the need for new remote pilots, the number of FAA approved training schools has risen as exponential growth takes hold in the small UAS industry.  You can browse the FAA’s public registry of Part 107-certifed remote pilots here. The vast majority of permission holders are in basic aerial imagery using entry level drones to provide products such as generic marketing videos, estate agency imagery and golf course videos fly-throughs.  The appetite of other industries such as Survey, Renewables, Engineering, Construction, Agriculture and Energy to use unmanned technology in support of their day-to-day business is increasing and so many are asking the question:  where is the market saturation point and how can my business survive in this industry?

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