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Successful test of surveillance technology in Chilean football stadium

The Secure Stadium Program tried out a new and modern technology at Santa Laura Stadium last Saturday, during the soccer game on the eighth date of the Closing Tournament.  This is a modern helicopter measuring one meter in diameter approximately, which flew over the site of the district of Independencia, posting images on the behavior of the fans in tribunes and galleries.

This device is a modern unmanned aerial system IDETEC IMK-8 that may provide services in short range operations (up to a mile away), has a link to video of high quality, allowing to identify objects and people in a wide area.  It is equipped with daytime vision camera with 22x optical zoom and night vision camera IR Thermal type (interchangeable cameras).

During the match, this test was conducted by the Secure Stadium Program Coordinator, Cristian Barra, who said “we are studying every available technology that allow to give alternatives of surveillance systems to clubs, once the new law against violence in stadiums be enacted.  This will have to generate evidence in order that people who commit abuses or bring with them dangerous elements can be processed by the court and their entry to the stadiums is definitely forbidden. ”

He added: “We tried this octocopter today, which flies with complete autonomy, recording images of everything that happens inside the stadium, in HD and 360 degrees.  It was a successful test, and will become a valuable tool for the future.”

It should be noted that this test, conducted in coordination with the National and Professional Football Association, is part of one of the four pillars of Secure Stadium Program, which consists in the Implementation and Technology (the others are the Legal Framework, Management and Awareness.  Its objective is to work with modern safety systems, which will ensure to families an entry, stay and departure in sports grounds be in perfect peace and tranquility

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