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Next-Gen Drone Technology Ushering In a New Era of Aerial Photography

Drone technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, and it appears as though the sky will no longer be the limit for commercially available drones in the near future! This is due to the tremendous advancements in cameras, and the subsequent melding of said tech with drone technology. It is a marriage that started out with the armed forces and intelligence agencies, and as of now has joined the mainstream in the civilian world.

Usage of Drones in Film and Television Production

The very first production industry to use drone technology in the public sector was film and television, with news channels and crews swapping out existing camera systems for advanced and highly capable drones. This move brought with it a shift in preference for the movie production business, which used static and partially mobile videography equipment hitherto.
The 2016 Rio Olympic games make for a wonderful example here, since a lot of the aerial footage of the happenings which we saw on our television screens was captured by drones instead of film crews going up in helicopters to record the footage.
The annual X Games are another very good example of the benefits of aerial photography, seeing as those exhilarating activities have been filmed with drones for quite some time now.

Aerial Photography via Drones

Video is one medium that has been extensively conquered by drone tech, however, photography is one art form that has not really been done with drones – at least not in the mainstream sense. This does not mean that nobody really took photos and conducted photoshoots with drone cameras. It simply means that for the most part, photographers considered the small camera on the drone to be inadequate for high resolution imagery, as DSLRs are.
This is about to change, very soon!

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