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Near drone-helicopter collision off Hollywood/Lauderdale

Tell me what You think if You see this video. This was exactly the question when i got approached by Christian De La Rosa from Channel 10 News.

He showed me the video and well even i had seen it before but it still looked like a 3D animation or something fake. So i told him my conclusion about what happened and probably why i did happend. But as You can expect it, the why and what was never shown in the news later on.

After carefully checking the distance and altitude of the near miss position, everyone came to conclusion that the drone pilot was not higher than 400ft and probably 1000ft out.
So whos fault was it that this occurred? The drone pilot or the helicopter pilot who just flew to low?
There were a lot of controversial answers like the drone should never be flown there because its a common airtraffic route and as well people stated the helicopter was just to low because recommended altitude for manned traffic is 500ft and above. Soo see the following statement form some Youtube user.

Really interesting right. So what do we learn from that. Fly during your commercial drone operation with a spotter who knows the area and can warn the UAV pilot for inbound traffic and other aerial activities.
But as well the manned aviation has to stick to the FAA minimum altitude requirements which are 500ft over unpopulated area. Nevertheless manned aviation always has right of way.
Drone operators just meed to take it serious even if they think its just fun to fly around the beach and get some “great” shoots.

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