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Kickstarter project QFO, Real-Life Aerial Gaming Quadrocopter, Mimix™ Tilt-to-Fly controller and NanoQ™ copter

Another UA Kickstarter project takes off, this one has the potential to change how military multicopters might be flown. An impressive total already, at the time of writing, 303 backers and $36,189 pledged of the $230,000 goal!

This is not your ordinary quadcopter!
Our tilt-to-fly Mimix controller is so simple that flying becomes second nature. Now you can do other fun things with your friends like playing real-life, multi-player aerial games – indoors or out. Try doing that with any other palm-sized quadcopter!

Real-Life Gaming
Each NanoQ copter is equipped with an infrared (IR) “photon cannon” and an IR sensor pod. With a pull of the trigger, you unleash a photon burst at your opponent. If you hit their sensor pod you score.

Our first game will be multi-team dogfighting. You can select your team through the Mimix controller. The LEDs then display your team colors on both the NanoQ and the Mimix.

Multi-team Dogfighting Game Play
•1st Hit: The NanoQ wobbles and the Mimix controller vibrates
•2nd Hit: The NanoQ’s power and performance are reduced
•3rd Hit: The NanoQ is forced to land for several seconds
•To Win: Knock all opposing team copters out of the sky!

NanoQ – Better by Design
What good is a controller with nothing to fly? Our NanoQ copter is the perfect match for the tilt-based Mimix controller. The NanoQ can move in any direction at any time, not just forward and backwards like some helicopters.

The NanoQ copter:

•Size – 5.25” motor to motor
•Weight – 35 grams
•Battery – Replaceable, Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
•Battery Charger – 2 port, USB compatible
•Flight time – 8-10 minutes
•Range – Up to 30 meters
•Max Payload – 10 gram
The Mimix controller:

•Ergonomically designed – for one-handed control
•Works for right or left handed pilots, big or small
•Battery – USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
•Operating time – 3-4 hours

Back up the Project here:
QFO Copter


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