I like the way how they claim the proven FAA design... there are tons of.."/>
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Copter Drone for First Response Firefighters

I like the way how they claim the proven FAA design… there are tons of proven design out there…

W.S. Darley & Co. announces a new design of their Darley Stinger, weighing just less than 4.4 lbs. Darley continues to expand their line of firefighting equipment, where it has had a presence for over 100 years. In 2012, over 300 new products have been added to their online store, edarley.com.

The Darley Stinger is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can efficiently provide crucial information about an incident scene. In May of this year, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) passed a law granting first responders clearance to operate an aerial drone under certain conditions.

“Earlier models of the Stinger were big hits at trade shows, such as FDIC in Indianapolis. We’re getting a lot of requests to demo the unit and we are always glad to do so,” said Mike Mocerino, a developer of the Stinger at W.S. Darley Co.

“We think the market potential for the Stinger is huge,” said Peter Darley, Executive Vice President and COO of W.S. Darley Co. “Darley developers are working with some of the early adopters to ensure proper knowledge and training.”

The Darley Stinger comes mounted with a Go Pro HD Camera and is stored in a durable Pelican case. Thermal imaging and other advanced features are available upon request.

Market Applications

•Flood Rescue
•Wildland Firefighting
•Disaster Response
•Crash site access and body retrieval
•Fire Scene Control and Response
•Fire Damage Assessment
•Hazmat Operations
•Fire Investigation

“We may have been ahead of the market when we first displayed a concept model of the Stinger at industry events in 2010,” said Peter Darley. “With the FAA’s recent clearance given to first responders for using drones, we think that they will start finding their way into the market.”

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