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Areas of application

UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have a broad Benefit when used correctly. We use them in conjunction with our Customer Needs in wide arrays from Commercial Production, Real Estate Development, Aerial Still Photography.

April 10, 201212 years ago

Golf Courses & Golf Clubs

With a good image and service for success
Each course has its own characteristics.  Aerial imaging, whether still or motion, can showcase your course’s distinctive style and beautiful landscape, lending exclusivity to your club.

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April 10, 201212 years ago

Real Estate Video Tours

Real Estate Video Services – Full Motion or Still Photos
Real Estate sales are increasing and we are helping sell luxury property by using a drone to shoot sumptuous aerial movies or photographs. Showing your property in this unique way through aerial full motion video elevates your listing from other property listings.
Our customers include real estate agents, for sale by owners, developer/builders, vacation rental firms and hotels. Our partners include some of the industry’s leading real estate media and marketing companies.
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April 10, 201212 years ago

Special Events

Concerts, fairs, open-air parties and sporting events.  People measure the success of an event by the number of participants and what a good time they had.

Take advantage of this effect.
Advertise with images from past successful occasions for upcoming events.
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April 10, 201212 years ago

Hotels, Resorts in Florida filmed with Multi-Copter

Reach your target group directly and easily – with significant aerial photographs from any angle or level with our Multi-rotor aircraft.

Once a prospective visitor sees that your property has exactly the facilities and amenities that they are looking for, they are likely to make their reservations immediately.  Use aerial images, both stills and motion, to show your property at it’s best on your web site and in your brochures. Read more

April 10, 201212 years ago

Agriculture - Multi-Rotor Crop Control

Irrigation, Citrus Greening and Bacterial Diseases
The photos Miami Aerial can deliver with our Multi-Copter can help researchers and farmers do everything from count individual trees and detect problems with watering to monitor the deadly citrus greening disease and other diseases. Read more

April 10, 201212 years ago

Commercial - Company building and equipment

You only have one chance to make a first impression.
Your company’s buildings and facilities make the first impression to win a visitors business.  It speaks volumes about the quality and efficiency of your firm.
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April 10, 201212 years ago

Property damage ligitation, Insurance claims and Inspection

Onsite property damage evaluation
South Florida, especially Miami and the Keys are known to be hit frequently by natural disasters like Hurricans and flooding. After the catastrophe hits, adjusters are on site to evaluate property damage and claims take forever to close as adjuster are cannot keep up with the immense volume. Now using close range, low altitude unmanned Drones Read more