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Wasn't a Police Drone Patrolling Miami Beach

By Tim Elfrink
Blogs like Gizmodo erupted this weekend when a YouTube video surfaced showing a hovering, flashing drone flying above the crowds at last month’s Memorial Day weekend in South Beach. The video was all the more eyebrow-raising because the Miami-Dade Police Department actually has a drone and is one of only a few of forces in the nation with FAA clearance to fly a UAV.

Only one problem with all those stories, though: That wasn’t MDPD’s drone flying over South Beach.
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How I Accidentally Kickstarted the Domestic Drone Boom

By Chris Anderson

At last year’s Paris Air Show, some of the hottest aircraft were the autonomous unmanned helicopters—a few of them small enough to carry in one hand—that would allow military buyers to put a camera in the sky anywhere, anytime. Manufactured by major defense contractors, and ranging in design from a single-bladed camcopter to four-bladed multicopters, these drones were being sold as the future of warfare at prices in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read more


Quadcopter drone group held in London airport on suspicion of terrorism

Not an unsurprising reaction from customs officers in this an Olympic and Diamond Jubilee year in London. Perhaps a nod to potential drone journalists, hiring in platforms in countries of interest or building the system on scene might attract less interest. Also travelling with Lipos is also frowned upon especially in hand luggage.

Carmel Doyle  Silicon Republic

Fresh from performing at Science Gallery in Dublin last night during the opening of Hack the City, an English group of urbanists, technologists and architects who created GPS-enabled quadcopter drones, were held at London Southend Airport on suspicion of terrorism and recorded under the UK’s Terrorism Act. Read more

April 10, 201211 years ago

Aerial Videos - Aerial Cinematography

Why are moving images from the air so impressive? Because of the dream of flying, of course.
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April 10, 201211 years ago

Special Solutions - Technology

We can make the impossible possible!  Miami Aerial will work with you to design the system that’s right for your project.

Our flying drone robot can be equipped with a still or motion camera, infrared, and many other recording or measuring devices.
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April 10, 201211 years ago

Panoramas - The interactive perspective

Aerial panoramas give the viewer an “as-free-as-a-bird” look in all directions. Unlike conventional 360° panoramas, aerial panoramas creates a unique opportunity for interactivity on web pages.   They can show views out to the horizon and, importantly, the view straight down.
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April 10, 201211 years ago

Aerials - Professional Aerial Photografie

With our high-resolution camera integrated into a modern remote-controlled flying robot, we can achieve the best visual effects for your purpose.
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April 10, 201211 years ago

Golf Courses & Golf Clubs

With a good image and service for success
Each course has its own characteristics.  Aerial imaging, whether still or motion, can showcase your course’s distinctive style and beautiful landscape, lending exclusivity to your club.

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April 10, 201211 years ago

Real Estate Video Tours

Real Estate Video Services – Full Motion or Still Photos
Real Estate sales are increasing and we are helping sell luxury property by using a drone to shoot sumptuous aerial movies or photographs. Showing your property in this unique way through aerial full motion video elevates your listing from other property listings.
Our customers include real estate agents, for sale by owners, developer/builders, vacation rental firms and hotels. Our partners include some of the industry’s leading real estate media and marketing companies.
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April 10, 201211 years ago

Special Events

Concerts, fairs, open-air parties and sporting events.  People measure the success of an event by the number of participants and what a good time they had.

Take advantage of this effect.
Advertise with images from past successful occasions for upcoming events.
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