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Aerial video production was never better

Miami Aerial takes aerial drone service serious.  With a variety of specific sizes of drones and attached cameras we are able to perform almost any requested service. We can fly through narrow areas at low levels or high altitudes.  We can operate in places where a full-scale helicopter cannot safely go.  We can also fly closer to subjects and get shots that are too dangerous for a full sized aircraft.
Miami Aerial can capture aerial images that look out to the horizon or look straight down to capture the subject from above.  We can shoot at any time of the day or night to get just the right lighting.

This includes high-definition digital video cameras such as the Sony A7, Panasonic, Canon 5D , Red Dragon / Movi and other modified motion picture film cameras.  We can even produce 3 dimensional video-capturing with our loved Insta 360.

Our service can be used for:

    • Architectural, construction planning, site development and construction progress
    • Time-lapse photography scheduled on a regular basis
    • Site location, site surveys, geographical and vertical photography maps (Othos)
    • Real estate marketing – retail, shopping centers, apartment complexes, single family homes, condos
    • Golf Courses – golf clubs, resorts, camp grounds
    • Transportation – vehicles, boats, ships, aircraft
    • Advertising and editorial articles – for magazines, newspapers, TV news
    • Public works, government planning, reports and studies
    • Industrial, maritime and other corporate needs
    • Legal matters – accident scenes and evidence
    • Stock photography
    • Motion pictures – 3 Dimensional