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Industrial Inspection

Property damage ligitation, Insurance claims and Inspection

Onsite property damage evaluation
South Florida, especially Miami and the Keys are known to be hit frequently by natural disasters like Hurricans and flooding. After the catastrophe hits, adjusters are on site to evaluate property damage and claims take forever to close as adjuster are cannot keep up with the immense volume. Now using close range, low altitude unmanned Drones / UAV for remote aerial inspection as a powerful cost effective safe alternative to not risking the inspection crew in risky locations. Claims are closed at breakneck speed as adjusters handle a much higher volume.

Miami Aerial getting more and more approached by insurers interested in using drones for claims work.
The big advantage is as stated by one of our clients: “You get to see everything. You may not even need to go up on the roof. You can see every single inch of the entire property, just with the touch of a few buttons,” our client said.

Maintenance companies
With GPS position hold and way point capability, we are able to move a small flying drone into any position over the property. The camera can then be moved on all 3 axis to provide any angle possible. A live video feed is sent to portable monitor so the team can maneuver and inspect in real time. High resolution images and/or Video can be captured and viewed by the client to make their assessment.

We operate remotely from the ground and can make technical
inspection safer, faster and less costly.  It replaced the need for cranes, scaffolding or helicopters.  Live inspections can make plant shutdowns faster and less disruptive.

Consider using a small UAV / drone for:

  • Roof top damage Inspection
  • Lightning damage
  • Solar Panel damage Inspection
  • Flare stack inspections
  • Power line inspections
  • Chemical plant inspections


Insurance companies, experts and consultants
The inspection of inaccessible or high altitude objects or parts of buildings is greatly facilitated by the use of our flight robot.


Cities and towns
With most cities and towns having  their own websites, they can enhance the users interaction with aerial photographs and aerial panoramas.  Aerial images can show landmark buildings and spaces, interesting architecture and gems of nature and make viewers  feel like they are there.

Note: Flying Multi-Copters for commercial purposes, is not violating federal aviation rules

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